Customization Services...
With its modular and flexible design, HealthDrive can be tailored to your needs...

Custom Branding

We can easily customize HealthDrive products according to your logos and color schemes. The system can also be seamlessly integrated into your intranet or Internet site.

Health Topics

HealthDrive offers a range of different health assessments organized into health topics. In addition to choosing the health topics you want to offer, you can specify how you want to present them. For example, the order in which the health topics appear in the HRA. You can also designate health topics as 'required' or 'optional' for completing the HRA.

Custom Questions

Custom question can be added to and analyzed in the HealthDrive system. Client-specific topics and sections also can also be created to suit your requirements.

Custom Aggregate Reports

Aggregate reports can be customized to view results according specified group; for example, by department, location, job type, division, etc. The groups are pre-populated into the system and can be selected by.

Participation and Sign-up

Access to HealthDrive can be fully controlled and customized to suit your needs. For example, you can choose precisely what information to ask upon sign-up, restrict access to specific groups or individuals, or even set up.

Custom Links and Content

HealthDrive incorporates a customizable platform for providing tips and links to additional information - including text, audio, video and images. Links to your own content can be added directly into HealthDrive.

Participation and Completion Tracking

Participation and completion can be tracked in real-time via the aggregate report. Information can also be provided via customizable E-mail alerts for individual users and/or administrators.

Professional Access

HealthDrive offers a customizable control panel that, if needed, allows authorized professionals to access individual health assessment results and records. This includes getting necessary consent from the users.

Language and Localization

HealthDrive is designed for multilingual support and can easily be translated to other languages. Further localization is possible with some assessments. For example, the diet and nutrition assessment can be tailored according to local food and dietary patterns and cultures. Support for metric and non-metric units is already built into the system.