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Worksite health promotion programs are a proven way to enhance the overall health and productivity of your organization. With the right program you can:

  • Reduce health care and insurance costs
  • Decrease absenteeism and presenteeism
  • Increase productivity and performance
  • Reduce illness and disability days
  • Improve staff morale and company image

But the key to realizing these benefits is to inform and motivate your employees.

That's where HealthierCompany can help ...

Our online tools are a smart and cost-effective way to kick-start health promotion at your company. They can also be integrated into your existing health and wellness programs. We offer a full-range of customization options so you get the right HRA for your needs.

HealthDrive is a state-of-the-art, online system for health risk assessment, feedback and health education.

Promoting Healthy Change with HealthDrive

Motivating individuals towards adopting and sustaining healthy behaviors is the key to translating your investment in workplace health promotion into a strategic business advantage. Research shows that engaging and informing people about their personal health risks facilitates the process of healthy change. This is what HealthDrive HRA is all about.

Beyond Health Risk Assessment

Health Risk Assessment (HRA) is typically viewed as a first and necessary step towards developing a workplace health promotion program. As such, many HRAs are designed and used as 'instruments' to gather information from employees, rather than as tools that are directly useful to employees. HealthDrive is different. Why? Because we believe that the first goal of a HRA should be to help individuals improve their health outcomes, risk status and productivity. In other words, we believe in HRA as a workplace health-intervention in its own right.

HealthDrive Emphasizes Feedback & Education

Where HealthDrive excels and goes beyond traditional HRAs is the quality of its personalized feedback & education. This is critical to motivating individuals towards adopting and/or sustaining healthy behaviors. HealthDrive seamlessly combines strong feedback & education with an easy-to-follow questionnaire and a scientifically-valid prediction engine.

Because personalized feedback & education is integrated into HealthDrive, this component does not need to be delivered as a separate program in addition to a HRA. This makes HealthDrive a powerful solution that simultaneously supports individual efforts to improve personal health and an organization's efforts to improve population health and productivity. And because it is delivered online, it is easy and inexpensive to deploy and requires minimal effort to administer.

Your organization receives
  • Dedicated access to HealthDrive online, customized to the needs of your organization
  • Real-time aggregate reporting on participation, usage and health trends
  • Promotional and marketing assistance
  • Onsite services to increase awareness and maximize participation
Your people receive
  • Comprehensive online health risk assessment with personalized feedback and health education
  • A virtual health coach to provide on-demand help, guidance and explanation
  • 24/7 access to allow individuals to assess and track changes in body weight, Health Score and more
  • A Personalized Action Plan linked to key health risks and stages of change

Is there any evidence to support the HealthDrive approach?

Yes! At HealthierCompany, we have reviewed the scientific literature on worksite use of HRAs to inform the design and development of HealthDrive. The available research shows that feedback & education is key. When HRA is combined with strong feedback and education it is effective in making participants aware of their health risks and motivating them to take action to change them.
Scientific Evidence

The results of the studies can be summarized in the following areas:

Awareness and Behavior Change: strongest evidence supports effectiveness in impacting tobacco use, alcohol use, seat belt non-use, dietary fat intake, blood pressure, cholesterol, worker absenteeism and use of health-care services.
Return on Investment (ROI) and Productivity: HRA risk factor scores are significantly associated with medical claims costs. There is also strong evidence that HRA with feedback & education favorably impacts absenteeism.
Program Planning and Evaluation: HRA is capable of providing aggregate (group) data without identifying individuals. This is an established source of information for planning and evaluating employee health and wellness service.

The Benefits of HealthDrive


Works for Employees
  • Serving as an accessible and non-threatening entry point for personalized health information.
  • Creating or reinforcing awareness of personal risk factors for chronic disease and injury - a necessary first step to lowering risks.
  • Empowering employees with information about doable actions for improving current and future health.
  • Helping employees in setting goals for lifestyle changes or obtaining preventive health services.
  • Allowing employees to track progress toward health-related goals and monitor health status over time.


Works for Employers
  • Helping the employer build a culture of health.
  • Establishing a gateway to targeted prevention and intervention programs that engage employees in health education and self-care.
  • Encouraging employees to obtain country-specific, age-appropriate, evidence-based health screenings.
  • Serving as the core of a systematic approach to organizing preventive health information.
  • Providing the ability to aggregate data by organizational division, demographics and risk prevalence to inform wellness program planning, benefits design, monitoring of trends and evaluation.