About us

The Company

HealthierCompany LLC is a company that specializes in IT for HealthCare and Personalized Medicine. The Company was founded in April 2007 by Jim Mellon and Jean-Yves Sireau.

Our Mission

To improve health and well-being through state-of-the-art Health Risk Assessment.

Our Core Values

Medical validity

Our work is based on current medical research and guidelines on health risk factors.


Our products offer an intuitive and engaging user experience.

Freedom of data

Our products are compliant with the latest data standards and people should have the freedom to use their personal data as they choose.


We value the privacy of our users and the integrity of their data.

Our Brand Promise

Technology-driven health and wellness solutions that wouldn't take a big bite out of your time and budget.
State-of-the-art online tool for health and wellness.


Genseq Ltd., the parent company of HealthierCompany LLC has 30 other shareholders, who are high net worth individuals of various and prestigious backgrounds, mainly based in Europe.

Contact Us

Email: nospam@mailinator.com
Telephone: 6 03 8322 8178

Our Executive Team

Jean-Yves Sireau
Founder & CEO
Jean-Yves Sireau

Jean-Yves Sireau is founder and CEO of Genseq Ltd., the parent company of HealthierCompany LLC. Jean-Yves is responsible for setting the vision of the Group, and for establishing the strategy for converting that vision into reality.

Since the Group's inception in April 2007, Jean-Yves has directed the Group through to the development of its unique Health Risk Appraisal technology and has established the core values and business methods which form the basis of the Group's operations.

Jean-Yves is a serial entrepreneur and the founder of several successful ventures. He founded the Fortitude hedge funds in Hong Kong in 1993, and the BetOnMarkets.com financial betting group in 1999, now a USD 130 million business.

Jean-Yves studied mathematics and physics in his home country of France, and has significant experience in the development of complex software systems.