is the Health Risk Assessment engine that drives our solutions.
A smart and powerful system for sorting, analyzing, reporting and sharing personal health information.

Developed and supported by our dedicated team

We have scientists, bioinformaticians, statisticians, software engineers and designers passionate about the Internet and improving people's health. This proven research and expertise underlies every aspect of HealthDrive; from the carefully chosen questions and input, to the risk analysis algorithms and reporting.

Smart and beautiful, inside and out

HealthDrive offers the most comprehensive suite of algorithms and predictive models for health risk analysis, all based on the very latest medical research and guidelines. This is made accessible through a simple, elegantly designed user interface that combines data entry with interactive graphical reports.

No more boring questionnaires ...

HealthDrive is designed to engage users around issues of health and well-being. It leverages the latest web technologies to deliver an interactive, intuitive and rewarding experience. HealthDrive minimizes the information required from users and allows them to focus on the things that are important to them. Best of all, results appear and are updated as you complete each section - so there's no waiting around.

Powerful, multilevel reporting

Real-time personal and group reports make key information quickly and easily accessible to individuals, groups and health practitioners (e.g. physicians, health and wellness coaches).

Secure and truly web-based

HealthDrive is built around latest web technologies and protocols to leverage the true power of the Internet without compromising on security. This makes HealthDrive highly accessible, easy to deploy and inexpensive to administer.

Innovative health and wellness tools

HealthDrive brings a fresh and innovative approach to tried and tested methods. Take Family Health History - one of the most cost-effective but underused forms of genetic screening available today. The Family Health History tool built into HealthDrive is ground-breaking. It brings the power of the Internet and social networking to the problem of how to track this vital information. Allowing individuals to work with their relatives to gather, organize and analyze their Family Health History information in one place.


With HealthDrive you can be assured of a system that is abreast with the latest standards for storing personal health information, making the data highly portable and easy to integrate with other systems and inputs.

Scalable and highly customizable

With its modular and flexible design, HealthDrive can be tailored to a wide range of Consumer Health Informatics applications and any number of users. HealthDrive is designed for multilingual support and some of it's components can be further localized to different regions.